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U-trough Power Sweep

Bin Unloading Systems

Grain Saver® Power Sweeps are engineered to perform!

Our heavy-duty, fully welded design will maximize productivity, lifespan, and minimize maintenance.  

Standard Features...

The U-trough is made of 12 Ga. steel

and capped by removeable 14 gauge covers.

Gates... All models 30' and up have 3 gates, 40' and up have 4 gates. Any size 60' and up with additional gates as needed.  The gates are controlled by rack and pinion mechanisms.

Steel rollers under the hopper gate ensure easy sliding when under pressure.

Models 42' and up have a secondary center hopper as a standard feature. This addition acts as a backup and saves hours of unnecessary work if the center hopper becomes blocked by clumps. All hoppers are guarded by 1/2" safety rods welded to the hopper.  

The gearbox lever is locked in position by a blocked tab which can be secured with a padlock.

Sweep Auger... The sweep auger is coupled to the lower gearbox by a swivel, which can be quickly detached by removing a single bolt.  To save on equipment costs, sweep augers can be used on multiple, similar sized bins.

Spill shields prevent grain from spilling over backboards, leaving less manual labor for the opertor. 

All models 42' and up have a 1/2" rod truss with welded braces every 2 feet.

Sweep lengths  are adjustable +/- 12" to optimally fit bin diameter, eliminating hours of manual labor.

The Sweep flighting is secured every 8-10" with a long life wooden hanger bearing.

Backboard extensions are secured by 4 bolted connections. Length adjustment takes just minutes. 

The Backboard tilts +/- 10", adding more working hours to the sweep drive wheel as it wears.

The Backboard is supported by a roller, allowing the extension to roll smoothly along the bin floor. 

Sweep Drive Options... All U-trough Power Sweep Systems come standard with a 9" 1:1 ratio drive wheel.  Some sweep auger applications require gear reduction mechanisms. For these situations we offer an adjustable reduction wheel with a replaceable rubber disc.  The sweep tractor is optional and recommended for large and commercial power sweep models.

We recommend all sweep models 54' and up to be fitted with a tractor. The tractor unit is powered by a 100:1 ratio gear reducer and an explosion-proof electric motor (motor not included). Foam-filled rubber tires maintain firm floor contact as the unit assists the back board rotation. 

Shown here, our 4.6:1 reduction wheel drive, designed to make bin sweeping a breeze. Superior long-life design with a fully enclosed gear housing and replaceable rubber wheel. Also available in this style is a 10:1 reduction wheel drive.

The system is complete with bin wall plates, gate crank, sweep safety stop, hopper flanges, decals, and an industrial grade enamel paint finish. 

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