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Lube Station


  •  Automotive

  •  Agricultural

  •  Repair/Mech. Shops

Quick Benefits:

  • Simplifies fluid dispensing and disposing

  • Storage for tools & fluid handling items

  • Flexible, modular & customizable units to fit your needs

  • Heavy duty modern design

  • Tested & tried

  • Compact footprint


  •  Automotive

  •  Agricultural

  •  Repair/Mech. Shops

<< Shown with three 70 gal. tanks & three 35 gal tanks.

2 tank wide unit.

Height: 89” (W/out Poly Tanks)
Width: 66.25”
Dept: 32.75”
3500 lb. Capacity

Common Fluid Types:

  • Motor Oil

  • Automatic Trans Fluid

  • Hyd. Fluid

  • Lubricants

  • Anti-Freeze

  • DEF

  • Solvents

  • Chemicals

  • Diesel/ Gasoline

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Frame Structure:
Our frame structure for overhead modular poly tank placement is designed to create a station that allows you to store fluids in 35 or 70 gallon poly tanks, configured to best suit your application. The idea behind the station is to have the messy nature of fluid related tasks contained and organized inside a complete and compact unit.

Waste Fluid Storage Tank - Optional:
A large capacity 250 gal. storage tank[²] for waste fluids may be added beneath the frame structure. Excess fluid drips into storage tank via perforated grate top. Once filled it can be transported by forklift, pumped out on site, or drained via a drain hose from rear[¹]. The tank unit also houses a recessed storage area for messy items(i.e. funnels, canisters, buckets, and oil pans.)

[¹] Hose not included.

[²] Storage tank not suitable for corrosive materials.


Overhead Cabinet - Optional:

  • 16 gauge galvanized steel construction

  • Storage cabinet directly integrated underneath frame structure

  • Store items needed to handle fluids right where

you need them most

Upright Cabinet - Optional:

  • 18 – 20 gauge galvanized steel construction

  • 20" x 20" x 60".

  • Lockable paddle latches available

  • Store filters, auto parts, fluid handling items and more.

  • Place inside of frame structure for simple configuration[¹]

[¹] Upright cabinet is not compatible inside frame if overhead cabinet is installed

Accesories & Parts

Poly tank drain fitting assembly

Lube Station - designed and manufactured by Haven Industries

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