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Grain Bin Vents

Now Available in 3 styles.

70°, 90°, and tapered profile

Grain Saver bin vents are built to last.

They will withstand high winds, keep out water and resist corrosion, all while providing optimal ventilation control for your environment needs.


  • The 16 Ga. clinched frame provides a strong mounting base for the vent.

  • An 18 Ga. band lines the front edge of the vent, creating a very stiff overall structure.

  • All seams are watertight, no sealant required.

  • Built entirely out of galvanized steel and guarded by a zinc plated wire cage.

  • Ask about custom hole patterns.

Grain Saver bin vents come standard with prepackaged fasteners, roof sheet stiffening angels, and hinged shutters. 

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