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U-Trough Powerhead Drives

Heavy Duty Horizontal

U-trough Powerhead

The Innovative, heavy duty motor mount design is the easy off style and has the over center belt tensioner as standard. The cast iron sheaves (7", 8", and 10" models), the aluminum sheave (6" model), the drive belt(s), mounting hardware, belt guard and back plate are all included. Motors and motor sheaves are NOT included. Belts supplied are for the most common motor applications and may not fit all styles of motors.

20° U-trough Inclined Powerhead

U-trough inclined powerheads are designed to operate with the 1750 RPM (or less) motors. The recommended motor sheave sizes are as follows:

8" incline powerheads: two-groove 3.0"-3.75""

10" incline powerheads: three-groove 3.0"-3.75"

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