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Unload Tubes & Bin Sweeps

2 Hopper Unload Tubes

3 Hopper Unload Tubes

Unload tubes feature a fully assembled/welded construction. The fully welded assembly results in an easy-to-install, long life product.


  • Hoppers are built entirely out of 12 Ga. steel

  • Pull rods are protected inside

  • Floor brackets occur every 6-10' for a solid installation

  • Available for bin sizes 14-48'. Tube diameters includes 6", 8", 10"

  • Custom tubes are available in any length, up to 12" in diameter.

  • Hopper spacing and count can also be customized

The center hopper is complete with a bolt-on sweep pivot, and safety rods.

Intermediate hoppers have a 12" x 12" opening, and are guarded by 1/2" steel safety rods. 

Hopper gates ride on steel rollers to ensure a long-lasting and reliable action. 

Bin Sweeps

Bin sweeps, or "carry-in sweeps" have a light weight portable design to use in multiple-sized bins. Special sweeps are available in any lengths, up to 10" in diameter.


  • Hanger bearings are installed every 6-10'

  • For slower rotation speeds, we offer a multi-ply rubber reduction wheel

  • Choose between an electric or hydraulic configuation

  • Poly-flighting sweeps are available

The fully-threaded motor mount adjusts easily for quick setup.

Sweeps (up to 36') can be adjusted for 3 bin sizes. Flighting and sweep back "telescope" to the desired length.

A slide-on belt guard allows for easy access to the belt and pulley for maintenance operations.

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