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Our Service Commitment... 



Since the founding of our company in 1995, we have been expanding our line of grain handling equipment. Our products are constantly evolving to enhance their functionality and durability.  To Improve on product engineering, customer ideas are important.  Whether it's for a new or existing item, we look forward to developing and building tomorrow's grain handling products with you.

Here at Haven Industries, we also specialize in metal manufacturing and parts fabrication.  Our broad range of ready technology means we are required to tackle projects requiring laser-cutting, punching, forming, shearing, cutting, welding, and assembly.

We at Haven Industries are more than just a company.  We are a group of individuals and families sharing our lives in a communal setting.  By living and working together in our community, we are able to conduct and share our lives in a way that allows us to exceed in our business ventures.

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